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10th October World Mental Health Day

Looking after your own mental health is always important, particularly after the impact of the recent pandemic. So for October, we’re focusing on how you can keep on top of your own mental health.

With tips from ‘How to Sleep Better’, ‘How to Overcome Fear & Anxiety’ and ‘How to Look after Your Mental Health Later in Life’, www.mentalhealth.org.uk provides useful advice and guidance on these topics.

Top Tips For Looking After Your Mental Health:

  • Keeping Active – this can boost your self-esteem and it helps keep the brain and other vital organs health (to read more click here)
  • Take a Break – Changing the pace or a change of scenery can be good for your mental health(to read more click here)
  • For all 10 tips, click here

Please also watch the video below for more information.

Finally, there’s a short activity for you to carry out – please see the bottom of this page for further information.

Sexual Abuse

Talking about sexual abuse can be uncomfortable, however we need to understand what the signs are of abuse and its effects on victims. Once we understand what the physical and emotional signs are, we may be able to protect the vulnerable in the future.

Please watch the video below and complete the activity listed below.

Activity 1

Take another look at the top 10 tips (click here) and consider which of the 10 tips you feel would be best suited to you and your way of life should (or if) you need to.

It may be that there is more than one of the tips you feel would be able to help you more than others.

Discuss the tip(s) with your tutor/coach at their next visit and explain why you chose that (or those) particular tip(s).

Activity 2

Carry out some research into a recent sexual abuse case (UK) and try to understand what happened, what the impact was on the victim(s) and how was the crime identified/revealed.

Prepare to discuss your finding with your coach/tutor at their next visit.